Jan. 18th, 2013

kruzo007: (orang laughing)
1. Nobody wears white pants in Rio, despite Ostap Bender's intimations
2. The most popular drink in Brazil is not Caipirinha, which is made with lemon juice and cachasa (local samogon), but the same made with Vodka, which is called, Russian style, Caipirosky.
3. Small street bars in Rio are called Barosky.
4. Just like we go "south" for summer vacations, Brazilians go "North". Summer school break is of course in January.
5. Brazilian girls do in fact have fantastic butts. I am not aware of a credible explanation for this phenomena as even the blondest blonds with ostensibly 0 black blood do seem to posses this feature. Moreover, if one could somehow identify the gene responsible for it and sold it to Chinese .... Mark Zuckerberg would be jealous.
6. Generals of Sand Pits is not a Brazilian movie. It was shot by an American but no-one in US has ever seen it.
7. The song from that movie, that became an anthem of my generation, is a fisherman song, and has nothing to do with its Russian "translation"
8. The famous Jesus the Redeemer statue, or the area where it sits/stands brazilins call Горбатый, or Corcovado.
9. In southern part of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, many towns don't speak Portuguese. They speak German thanks to the massive german immigrant population. I am told there you can see gas station attendants that look like Gisele Bündchen, who was born there.
10. Every person in Brazil has to vote, mandatory. All favelas (the slums you saw in Generals of Sand Pits) have voting power. That's why they will never get rid of favelas. On the voting days wanted criminals are allowed to come to their hometowns to vote, and can not be arrested by the police. Happy day.

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